Thursday, March 8, 2012

Time for a Re-Org

It was finally time to address our master closet "situation".  I have a bit of a shopping problem and I needed to have a little bit of a reality check, as well as, clean up our closet.  I wanted to do it on a budget and not spend a ton because I am hoping in a year to do something fancy.  Have my own little Mariah Carey closet ;)

Here are some of the cheap ideas I came up with.

1. Towel rack for ties
This one was about $10, but you can get a plastic one for $3-$4.

2. Hook towel rack for belts
Cost- $12

3. 3 Hook over the door hanger for purses
This one cost $10, but they have so many different types and some were is a little as $5.

4. Single hook over the door hanger for my husbands belt
Cost: $4

5. And the shoes.
This is about a quarter of my shoes, do not judge me, and I had this shelf that was taking up a little nook in my closet.  This is where I wanted to hang the towel racks for belts and ties.  So I turned it on its side and put it on a shelf that was not being used.

So the whole thing was about $35, which I thought was pretty good.  What budget friendly organization ideas do you have?

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