Wednesday, March 7, 2012

They Call Me a.....Carpenter?!?

I found these awesome door knobs at Hobby Lobby for a dollar each and I wanted to do something cool with them.  During my manic master bedroom organization, I decided to organize all my necklaces and here is what I came up with.  This was my very first "carpentry" project!!

What you need:
Piece of wood (you choose the length and type)
Door knobs (however many you would like)
Forstner bit
Drill bit
Pull saw

Since the knobs I brought had nuts that screw into the back, I had to recess the wood so the nuts would fit with a 3/8" forstner bit. 

Next I used a 3/16" drill bit to make a hole all the way through on the front.  Then you screw the knobs in.  The nut goes on the back of the hole in the recess on the back of the wood, knob in the front.

The screw will be much longer then you need, so use a pull saw, have it flush against the wood and saw off the extra length.

If you need to you can use a file to smooth out the jagged edge of the rest of the screw.  This will keep you from cutting yourself or scratching up your wall.

And you are ready to hang.  I used two eye hooks and some ribbon and the finished look.......

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