Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Great Office Renovation of 2012

So, I am really a first time "renovator" and we (meaning I have nagged/begged my husband enough) have decided to re-do our office.  Well, actually make it an office that someone will use besides Vern sleeping on the couch.  Since this will be renovation on a tight budget, because I am officially married to the financial taliban (thank goodness), I wanted to share our initial plans.

Here is the before picture

 I am going to take the desk and re-purpose the entire thing.  Two new living room end tables will be made out of these two pieces.

The middle part of the desk top will be used in my craft closet (next project).  Our new desk, which we will make ourselves will be this.
Hardwood floors will be laid by us (meaning by me with my wonderful husband directing) and the old couch will be sold (hopefully) or given away to charity and replaced with this.

This will be our storage and shelving, which is a great deal from Ikea ($69).

Then the extras of curtains and some DIY artwork.  Should be an epic adventure.  Off to tally the full costs of my idea and to put this into motion.  Grateful I have my Mom and her super handy boyfriend Gene to help out.  I have a feeling I will be providing several dinners for their hard work.  No such thing as a "free lunch".  Wish us all luck!

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  1. That will be a good start for office space. Are these made from wood, metal, plastic or mixture of the three?

    Paper Shredder